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What Are the Daily Inspection Contents of the Dry Type Transformer

ZTELEC GROUP | 19-06-18

Simply speaking, a medium-sized dry-type transformer is a transformer in which the iron core and the winding are not immersed in the insulating oil. Cooling methods are divided into natural air cooling (AN) and forced air cooling (AF). With the dev……

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How to Improve the Spare Capacity of DMD Insulation Paper?

ZTELEC GROUP | 19-06-11

DMD insulation paper is used as insulation material for various electrical equipment such as cables and coils. In addition to good insulation properties and mechanical strength, it also has its own characteristics. In addition, we can judge the qua……

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How to Conduct Quality Inspection on Alkali-Free Glass Fiber Ribbon?

ZTELEC GROUP | 19-06-6

The alkali-free glass fiber ribbon is formed by high-temperature processing, but the processed product is very resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and is lower than the harsh environment of the outside world, especially in the petrochemica……

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What Effect Does NMN Insulating Paper Have On the Motor?

ZTELEC GROUP | 19-05-30

NMN insulation paper has good dielectric properties, excellent mechanical strength, good flexibility, good compatibility with common impregnating varnishes, unique voltage breakdown and overload resistance, suitable for F and H motors. The slot ins……

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Some Indicators That Insulation Materials Need

ZTELEC GROUP | 19-05-16

Insulating paper is typically a sheet of material formed from plant fibers, mineral fibers, synthetic fibers, or mixtures thereof, by depositing fibers on a paper machine through water or other media. Insulating paper has high tear strength, low el……

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How to Choose the Insulation Gasket?

ZTELEC GROUP | 19-05-13

Firmly bend the corner of the insulating gasket, the good rubber gasket does not leave white crease; use the hand to remove the cross section or appearance of the insulating gasket, the high quality rubber gasket will not slag and slag (due to the ……

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What are the Key Technical Indicators that Affect the Performance of the Glass Fiber Pultrusion Products?

ZTELEC GROUP | 19-03-13

1. Dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent The main purpose of the glass fiber pultrusion product is two: the mutual insulation resistance of the components of the power grid and the material of the low voltage capacitor (storage energy). T……

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What are the Common Physical Indicators of Insulating Rods?

ZTELEC GROUP | 19-03-12

The common insulating rods of electricians are classified into inorganic insulating rods, organic chemical insulating rods and mixed insulating rods according to their different physical properties. The mixed insulating rod is a variety of extruded……

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What are the Points to Pay Attention to When Installing Oil-Immersed Transformers?

ZTELEC GROUP | 19-03-4

Congratulations! The 50kVA oil-immersed transformer required by #Cambodian customers has been installed with poles and is in normal use. Customers from Cambodia received a 50kVA oil-immersed transformer last week and installed it on the utility pol……

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How to Determine the Quality of Electrical Insulation Tape?

ZTELEC GROUP | 19-03-4

Insulation tape first see if there is flaws from the outside, whether the insulation tape is re-rolled, whether there is any burrs, whether it is smooth or not. (There are many types of electrical insulation tape, it will not be introduced one by o……

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What are the Functions and Purposes of Isolation Transformer

ZTELEC GROUP | 19-02-28

The isolation transformer offers numerous functions and purposes, many of these purposes that are carried out by isolation transformers are majorly used in various different industries and business places. Read further for an insight into some of t……

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Why is G10 Material Good for Electrical Insulation?

ZTELEC GROUP | 19-02-27

G10 is a fiberglass sheet laminate, a kind of composite material created by stacking multiple layers of glass cloth, soaked in epoxy resin, and then compressing the resulting material under heat until cured. It is made in flat sheets, channels and ……

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