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The alkali-free glass fiber ribbon is formed by high-temperature processing, but the processed product is very resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and is lower than the harsh environment of the outside world, especially in the petrochemical and construction industries. It is common in recent years with the development of industry. The quality of alkali-free glass fiber is very light, and the corrosion resistance is very high. This is the biggest characteristic of Dongguan alkali-free glass fiber. Because of this powerful advantage, it is used in underground pipeline engineering. And the surface of the pool has been well applied.

The service life of alkali-free glass fiber is still very long, and the aging-resistant insulation performance is actually the best, which is another major feature of it. It is convenient to use and low in cost, and can improve industrial production. The work efficiency, that is to say, has the advantage that glass fiber is widely used in many fields. Another great advantage of fiberglass is its softness, compressibility, and low bolt load performance.

If the quality of the alkali-free glass fiber is identified, it must not be neglected by its original material. The quality of the appearance is a strict factor, because the flatness, the presence or absence of bubbles, scratches, inclusions, etc. are all ones for determining quality defects. The important factor is that the alkali-free glass fiber with such problems will have some troubles in the process of use. The more common one is the basic deformation, that is, the transparency and mechanical strength of the product itself are greatly reduced, so it is so embarrassing. Products are generally not used in the industry, so it is generally possible to determine the quality of the product by simple visual inspection.

If the quality of the material is determined, then the inspection of the product, that is, the alkali-free glass fiber of Dongguan should be determined at the time of inspection, is the quality of its processing, whether the size and quality of the product meet the requirements during the processing, and The accuracy and external location of the processing meet the requirements, and the edge of the fiber should not have basic defects.

Alkali-free glass fiber should check whether the inside is in the process of processing, whether there is untreated hard-to-melt material, if there is welding or hinge between the two glass bodies, it will have certain hindrance to visual inspection, among which There should be cracks, bubbles, layered things, the quality should meet the standard, the surface does not have any gaps and burrs, the angle should be square.

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