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DMD insulation paper is used as insulation material for various electrical equipment such as cables and coils. In addition to good insulation properties and mechanical strength, it also has its own characteristics. In addition, we can judge the quality of insulation paper by observation.

First, look at the description of DMD insulation paper, look at the insulation parameters such as insulation resistance and leakage current, because these parameters are the main parameters used to judge the insulation performance of dielectric materials. When the impurities and moisture content of insulation paper are high, the conductivity is increased, resulting in an increase in the leakage current value.

DMD insulation paper products can be used in a variety of transformers (including open and ventilated dry, cast coil and liquid filled): wire winding, layer insulation, segmentation and box insulation, winding ends fillers, separators and spacers. In open-ventilated dry-type transformers, DMD insulation paper can greatly improve the design of such transformers, reduce electrical losses, improve spare capacity, increase safety and reliability, and reduce the amount of steel for conductors and cores, thereby reducing size and reducing cost.

Soft composite insulating material DMD insulating paper is made by bonding electrical insulating paperboard, glass varnish, synthetic fiber paper or the like on one or both sides of the film, or a film on both sides, and a structure of asbestos paper or glass cloth in the middle. The role of insulating paperboard and other fibrous materials is to increase the mechanical strength and stiffness of the film, maintain good softness and improve heat resistance.

The fiber paper has excellent adsorption property, and has good adhesion with the groove wall and the coil to avoid displacement during operation. The film has excellent dielectric properties, can compensate for the lack of dielectric strength of the fiber paper, and is softened by the composite. The material can meet the requirements of dielectric properties, mechanical properties and application process performance. It is suitable for slot insulation insulation, wire insulation and gasket insulation of motors, electrical appliances, transformers, household appliances and electronic equipment. The soft composite insulation material can reduce the thickness of the insulation, reduce the size of the motor, and increase the insulation reliability.

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