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A copper-clad board, also known as a substrate, is made of a reinforced material, impregnated with a resin, and coated with copper foil on one or both sides.

Foil laminate. It is the basic material of the electronics industry. It is mainly used in the manufacture and manufacture of printed circuit boards. It is widely used in televisions, radios, computers, computers, mobile communications and other electronic products. For CCL, there are different categories and grades according to different classification methods:
a. According to the mechanical rigidity of the copper clad laminate, it is divided into a rigid copper clad laminate and a flexible copper clad laminate;
b. According to the insulating material and structure of the copper clad laminate, it is divided into organic resin type copper clad laminate, metal base copper clad laminate and ceramic base clad copper clad;
c. According to the thickness of the copper clad plate, it is divided into a thick plate (the plate thickness ranges from 0.8 to 3.2 mm (including Cu)), and the thin plate (the plate thickness ranges from less than 0.78 mm (excluding Cu));
d. According to the reinforcing material of the copper clad laminate, it is divided into glass cloth base copper clad plate, paper base clad copper plate and composite base copper clad plate (CME-1, CME-2).
e. According to the flame retardant grade, it is divided into flame retardant board and non-flame retardant board.
f. According to some properties of CCL, it is divided into high Tg board (Tg≥170°C), high dielectric performance board, high CTI board (CTI≥600V), ring

Shape-protected copper clad laminate (halogen-free, flawless), UV-shielded copper clad laminate.
The common grades of copper clad laminates are as follows:
FR-1 ─ phenolic cotton paper, this substrate is commonly known as bakelite (higher economy than FR-2);
FR-2 ─ phenolic cotton paper;
FR-3 ─ Cotton paper, epoxy resin;
FR-4 ─ Woven glass, epoxy resin;
FR-5 ─ glass cloth, epoxy resin;
FR-6 ─ matte glass, polyester;
G-10 ─ glass cloth, epoxy resin;
CEM-1 ─ cotton paper, epoxy resin (flame retardant);
CEM-2 ─ cotton paper, epoxy resin (non-flame retardant);
CEM-3 ─ glass cloth, epoxy resin;
CEM-4 ─ glass cloth, epoxy resin;
CEM-5 ─ glass cloth, polyester;
AIN – aluminum nitride;
SIC – silicon carbide;

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