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Simply speaking, a medium-sized dry-type transformer is a transformer in which the iron core and the winding are not immersed in the insulating oil. Cooling methods are divided into natural air cooling (AN) and forced air cooling (AF). With the development of the world economy, dry-type transformers have developed rapidly in the world, especially in distribution transformers. The proportion of dry-change has become larger and larger. At present, China
has become the world’s largest dry-type production and sales. One of the countries, in terms of factory scale, product capacity, voltage and other aspects have been in the world’s leading level.

What aspects of the inspection should be carried out on the ZTELEC dry-type transformer in daily work? Let’s discuss it together:

1. The insulation of the reactor coil is intact and the phase color is correct and clear.

2. The reactor and the air duct are clean and tidy, without iron and magnetic debris.

3. Check whether the outer surface of the dry-type transformer bushing and winding resin
insulation is clean, with or without creepage marks and carbonization.

4. Check if the temperature inspection instrument is working properly.

5, the transformer should have no smell, abnormal sound, and maintain good ventilation.

6, check the insulator should be free of cracks, discharge marks.

7. The cooling fan should be in normal operation, and the air inlet filter cloth should be clean
and ventilated.

8. Check fasteners, connectors, conductive and other parts for signs of rust, corrosion and

9. The appearance of the ZTELEC dry type transformer is not cracked and there is no trace
of discharge.

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