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NMN insulation paper has good dielectric properties, excellent mechanical strength, good flexibility, good compatibility with common impregnating varnishes, unique voltage breakdown and overload resistance, suitable for F and H motors. The slot insulation of the generator can also be used as a dry transformer or other electrical interlayer insulation.

Composite NMN insulation paper is made of two layers of aramid paper polyester film bonded by adhesive. It has good mechanical properties and is mainly used for slot, slot cover and phase insulation in low voltage motors. Used as interlayer insulation for transformers or other electrical appliances for a wide range of applications.

For electrical equipment, motor insulation paper is essential, it can effectively isolate the current damage to the human body. With the development of industry, people’s requirements for electrical products are getting higher and higher. If the insulation material has low temperature resistance and low voltage breakdown strength, it will affect the service
life of the whole equipment.

Today’s market is not perfect, and the quality of many manufacturers does not meet the requirements, which leads to the incompatibility of unqualified insulation products into the market, affecting the use of electrical equipment. In the production process of materials, raw materials, processes and storage conditions are very important factors. In order to ensure the quality, it is best to do a quality test after the finished product is out.

NMN insulation paper is a commonly used motor insulation paper. It is a soft composite insulation material with a heat resistance grade of H grade, which is made of two-sided NOMEX poly-aramid paper and polyimide film. It has good dielectric properties. And mechanical properties. Such as tensile strength and edge tear resistance and good electrical strength, the surface is smooth, when the production of low-voltage motors using automatic offline machine to ensure no faults, mechanical properties at high temperatures and after damp is particularly prominent. It is used for slot insulation of H-class motors and electrical appliances, inter-turn insulation, gaskets and interlayer spacer insulation of Class H dry-type transformers.

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