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In the electronics industry, fiberglass is a very important raw material, and the use of this material is more conducive to future operations. This is an abbreviation for fiberglass board, which is often used as a glass composite in production. The heat resistance of this material is very high, and the consumer is very relieved that this product contains no asbestos and is safer to use. What is the nature of the fiberglass board and the epoxy board? Friends can take a look at the introduction below.

Friends know that fiberglass panels are mainly used in the electronics industry, which has certain requirements for the heat resistance of the products. This kind of board also has very good moisture resistance and mechanical properties are also very stable. In practical life applications, the main requirement for injection mold forming is to have high temperature and low temperature molds, and it is necessary to use heat insulation in the same machine. In general, the inherent difference between this product and the epoxy board is not very large, and the similarities are far more than the opposite. In a word, it is concluded that both products are products of epoxy resins.

The name of the fiberglass board is obvious. Some of the constituents are glass fibers, and the other part is chemical fiber or cotton resin. This composition gives the product the property of sound absorbing and heat insulation, while at the same time providing a flame retardant. If you have any need to know about the product, you can pay more attention to the information of the website to do further information. The online customer service staff can answer your questions with professional patience, let you have more information about the purchase of the product, and more grasp.

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