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The upgraded version of the product is more powerful than the original product. In addition to the original product features, it also adds a lot of new features, the purpose is to make the product more prominent and more able to meet the needs of the market. Whether it is a mobile phone or a computer, it looks like the same product, but the model is different, the performance difference is still huge; Xiaomi 2 and Xiaomi 2S, the appearance looks the same, but the configuration performance inside is very different. This is the case with the upgraded version of the product, and the improved fiberglass board is no exception, and the performance is even better.

What is the improved type of fiberglass board? It is a composite fiberglass duct, which may have a large difference in morphology and fiberglass board, and its use will change accordingly; the composite fiberglass duct has good fire performance, because the material is centrifugal fiberglass board and glass. A combination of various non-combustible materials such as fiber cloth, embossed aluminum plate and aluminum foil cloth. The use of such raw materials enables the composite fiberglass duct to have the following characteristics: the moisture resistance of the composite glass fiber duct, and the composite fiberglass board for the air system with high humidity, such as a textile factory, an indoor swimming pool, a basement, etc. The composite fiberglass duct has light weight, which greatly reduces the load required for the building structure, and greatly reduces the requirements for installing the hanging parts. The composite glass fiber duct is suitable for requiring good insulation and sound absorbing performance. Performance in air conditioning systems and ventilation systems, etc.

In fact, the improved composite fiberglass duct has improved the performance of the original fiberglass board, and it has the characteristics of fireproof, moisture proof, light weight, easy installation, etc., which makes it more outward in the social field. It has made people enter a new era in the field of glass fiberboard, which is a leap in the times.

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