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When the grid on the high and medium voltage side is a neutral (or effective) grounding system, the contact transformer can be an autotransformer. When the switching power changes frequently and the amplitude is large, the voltage drop of the contact transformer is
also changed greatly. The contact transformer needs to be equipped with an on-load voltage regulator to ensure the voltage level of the two-stage busbar of the booster station.

There is no automatic transformer and there is an automatic voltage regulator. The automatic AC voltage regulator is composed of a contact auto-coupling regulator, a servo motor, and an automatic control circuit. When the grid voltage is unstable or the load changes, the automatic sampling control circuit sends a signal to drive the servo motor to adjust the auto-coupling adjustment. The position of the carbon brush adjusts the output voltage to the rated value and reaches a steady state.

The three-phase high-precision automatic AC voltage regulator is a combination of SVC series single-phase product performance. The input phase is divided into three-phase four-wire system. The output voltage is 380V in the rated capacitance range, and the power supply voltage can be simultaneously supplied. It is used in three-phase 380V electrical equipment and has overvoltage protection.

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