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Power Transformer: Briefly the Power Transformer is a high voltage transformer that is installed at various power stations for generation and transmission of power. It is a step-up or a step-down transformer that sets voltage criteria to regulate it by increasing or decreasing its level as per the requirement, and it’s also used as an interconnection between two power stations.

Distribution Transformer: The Distribution Transformer, the younger brother of the power transformer acts to step down the voltage and current level of a transmission line according to the level already set, also called safety level for the end user consumer in domestic and
industrial purpose.

Lets read the difference Between Power Transformer and Distribution Transformer:

We have several criteria to study the differences between Power Transformer and Distribution Transformer on the basis of network used, installation settings and whether it is for low or high voltage setting. Both the transformers have their own design and installation criteria,
their current losses and conditions on which they operate, etc.

Briefly these variances are as follows:

Voltage parameters: Power transformers are used in high step-up and step down application voltage parameters where the transmission network accepts only higher voltages for different load settings like 400 kV, 200 kV, 110 kV, 66 kV, 33kV, etc. and they and are generally rated above 200MVA. But distribution transformers have lower voltage distribution networks compatible for end user connectivity. (11kV, 6.6 kV, 3.3 kV, 440V, 230V) and are rated below 200 MVA.

Configuration: By structure, a power transformer has just one primary and one secondary setup with one input and output pin whereas a distribution transformer may have a single primary and a “Tapped” secondary, but more than one secondaries, i.e. two or more of them.

Size: The power transformer does enjoy a larger size compared of distribution transformers because of the hefty load it needs to carry without heating its components and keep it cool.

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