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The FR-4 board is made of FR4 material. The FR-4 board is low in cost and easy to manufacture and process. Our FR-4 board can be cut into different sizes according to customer requirements, and has high mechanical and dielectric properties. Good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good machinability. The advantages of the FR-4 board in various applications are more obvious, mainly the following:

1, Various forms
By using different resins, curing agents, modifiers, etc., various types of FR-4 sheets can be manufactured, which can be fully adapted to the application of each product.

2, Easy to cure

Since the epoxy board is only deformed at temperatures exceeding 180 °C. Therefore, in the temperature range of 0 to 180 ° C, as long as the appropriate curing agent is selected, curing is easy to occur.

3, Strong mechanical properties

After curing, it has strong mechanical properties because it is an epoxy resin system.

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