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How to select and test transformer

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-20

1. Check whether there is obvious abnormal phenomenon by observing the appearance of the transformer. Such as whether the coil leads are broken, desoldering, whether the insulation material has scorch marks, whether the iron core fastening screw is……

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Domestic status of transformer industry

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-19

China’s transformer manufacturing industry is an industry full of opportunities and challenges. As long as the technology content is continuously improved to meet the user’s requirements for safe, stable and reliable operation, the mark……

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There are 5 ways to cool oil immersed transformer

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-18

The oil-immersed transformer 80°C is a critical value. When it exceeds this temperature, it indicates high-load operation. The oil-immersed transformer will automatically start a self-protection program and automatically trip. If the transformer is……

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Treatment of insulation faults in power transformers

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-17

Most transformer damage and faults are caused by damage to the insulation system. According to statistics, incidents caused by various types of insulation faults account for more than 85% of all transformer incidents. For transformers that operate ……

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How to choose three phase transformer

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-16

First: Select the material requirements of the three-phase transformer Three-phase transformers are composed of silicon steel sheets and windings. The windings can be made of copper or aluminum wires. Their prices differ by 110% -140% for small thr……

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ZTELEC Attends Dubai MEE 2020 Exhibition

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-11

On March 3rd-5th, 2020, the Middle East 2020 Dubai Power Show and Dubai New Energy Show MEE opened as scheduled. In the case of a severe epidemic, ZTELEC Group attended as scheduled. General manager Alan Zhang personally led the team to the exhibit……

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The advantages of oil-immersed transformers

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-10

(1) Oil-immersed transformers are transformers that use transformer oil as a heat dissipation medium. The use of oil-immersed transformers in power systems in power transmission and distribution projects has been used for hundreds of years. Oil imm……

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High-overload transformers

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-9

The description of high-overload transformers ZTELEC mainly produces 35KV, 20000KVA and below S9, S11 series oil-immersed power transformers, dry-type transformers, American box transformers, European box transformers, power transformer core proces……

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How does the isolation transformer supply power safety

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-5

When the AC voltage is applied to the primary winding of the isolation transformer, a current will flow through the winding. This isolation transformer current generates an alternating magnetic flux in the iron core, causing the primary winding to ……

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Transformer manufacturing process

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-4

First confirm whether the drawing is consistent with the production product and then check the wire gauge after confirming that the capacity is correct, and confirm the number of turns after finding the wire gauge. Then we confirm the wiring method……

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How to judge insulation resistance of S13 transformer

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-3

The insulation resistance of the S13 transformer is an important physical property of the S13 transformer. Commonly, the insulation resistance of the S13 transformer can ensure the good performance of the S13 transformer that realize many functions……

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The oil level of transformer get abnormal how to solve it

ZTELEC GROUP | 20-03-2

The abnormal oil level increases the probability of transformer failure. Problems with oil level of oil-immersed transformer must be solved in time, otherwise it will have a great impact on the power grid during operation. In order to monitor the o……

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